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Business Evaluations help you determine what YOUR business is worth to the Market in search of businesses to purchase...
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Sometimes called a Business Valuation… MKL prides itself on Confidentiality and Privacyand has evaluated many different types of businesses in the course of their daily activities:Type of Businesses

MKL performs the Business Evaluation on the part of the Business Owner to help them determine the price their business could sell for in the open Market.

MKL specializes in the valuation of closely-held companies, professional practices, partnerships, LLCs, and other types of businesses and business interests.  Although we are located in Los Angeles, we work with clients throughout the United States. We perform business valuations on a confidential basis for business owners and their professional advisors.

Business Valuation Services Offered

MKL prepares independent, unbiased business and professional practice valuations for a variety of reasons and has performed Business Evaluations for businesses that ARE NOT FOR SALE in addition to businesses that are determining their intention to sell and need an Evaluation for purposes such as the following:

Partner Buy Out.

  • Partners want a fair assessment of what the Market would value the company at not the pie in the sky value an Accountant might choose.

Our professionals are experienced expert witnesses with a proven track record of having their valuation findings prevail in numerous cases in local, state and Federal courts.

Merger and acquisition and transaction-related business valuation needs:

  • employee stock ownership plans (ESOP's)
  • purchase or sale of closely held business or business interests
  • management buyouts
  • leveraged buyout transactions
  • bank financing
  • financial restructuring and recapitalization
  • valuation of subsidiaries/divisions for spin-off/sale

Estate/gift tax and other tax related business valuation needs:

  • estate tax related business valuation needs
  • gifting of closely held stock and partnership/LLC interests
  • family limited partnership and limited liability company valuation needs, including entities holding real estate, marketable securities or closely held common stock
  • buy-sell and shareholder agreements
  • business valuation for life insurance planning and funding
  • creation of non-voting stock in S-corporations for gifting purposes
  • stock options held by estates.
  • restricted public stock held by estates
  • conversion of C-corporation to subchapter-S corporation status
  • preferred stock recapitalizations
  • valuation of intangible assets for purchase price allocation

Disputes and litigation-related business valuation needs:

  • divorce (equitable distribution)- businesses and professional practices
  • court appointed valuations in disputes
  • minority shareholder disputes and litigation
  • business damage assessment and determination
  • critiques of business valuation reports prepared by others
  • litigation consulting services provided to trial counsel in preparing to depose and cross-examine valuation experts
  • bankruptcy
  • reasonable officer compensation determination in disputes with the Internal Revenue Service
  • mediation binding arbitration

Total cost is just $1,250 for a complete professional MKL Business Evaluation for company's located anywhere in the USA.

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If the business owner ultimately decides to sell their business with MKL, MKL will CREDIT the cost of the business valuation back to the client, through a reduced fee structure, thus reducing the cost of selling their business.

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